Our Beginning

Way back in 1983 two Mexican men with a lot of hustle in them came up with a vision that would eventually become Papas&Beer.

Rosarito lacked a place that provided a fun atmosphere, with great music, a wide variety of drinks, and delicious food, for young people to party and create unforgettable memories.

Rodrigo Ampudia and his uncle Rogerio Ampudia were the visionary entrepreneurs who visualized this idea and eventually, after a ton of hard work, made it a reality.

The beachside club became notorious for a good time. Whether it was their famous large fries (their papas) or their extremely welcoming and fun environment, people were coming from all over to have the time of their lives at Papas&Beer.

Our Sponsors

We are lucky to have such incredible sponsors. Papas&Beer would not be the same without them. Our awesome sponsors are:

Monster Energy – Keeps our partiers rallying.

Tecate – Makes everyone dance a little better.

Weedmaps – We don’t need to explain this one 😉

Looking to partner with us? Please reach out through our contact page, we would love to talk.

What are we all about?

We simply believe in enjoying life and providing people with a place like no other, where they can come together and have the time of their lives. We are all about being the place where freedom is allowed!

Grab a cold one, dance to the rhythm of the music, enjoy some of our amazing food and create memories; and we have done our job.

The Venue

Our venue has had a lot of heart, creativity, and hard work put into it. Our reason: because we wanted to create the ultimate adult playground for you.

When coming to our Papas&Beer Rosarito venue you can expect:

  • 7 fully stocked bars
  • Outdoor Cantina & Bar
  • Pool Party section
  • Sun-drenched decks
  • Beach volleyball court during the day
  • Industrial stage for artist performances

Come visit to see what else we have under our belt 😉


Halloween Weekend: DaBaby & P-LO

Dates: October 29th & 30th


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