Weekend Getaway

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Weekend Getaway

We can all use a weekend getaway. At Papas&Beer we decided to create the perfect weekend getaway package for people looking to have fun, dance, relax, explore, and unplug.

Come enjoy a weekend getaway with us, where you will have access to your own beachfront chair with a personal server to bring you food from our delicious cantina or to bring you cold drinks from one of our infamous bars.

Your beachfront setup will be located in the midst of many fun things to do and enjoy. Whether you want to go ATV riding on the beach, horseback riding where the ocean meets the sand, play volleyball, or sit poolside at Papas with a cold one, it is all up to you and just steps away for your convenience! Your package gives you full access to our adult playground during the day and night!

We can’t forget to mention one of the best parts of our weekend getaway packages! From 9pm – 1am your package grants you access to an open bar, to get you seasoned for a night to remember of dancing, laughing, and letting loose at Papas&Beer.





Entrance to Papas&Beer

All Day Friday

Beach Chair Setup

order food, drinks, & play beach games

Open Bar

from 9pm-1am


Entrance to Papas&Beer

All Day Saturday

Beach Chair Setup

order food, drinks, & play beach games

Open Bar

from 9pm-1am


Entrance to Papas&Beer

All Day Friday & Saturday

Beach Chair Setup

order food, drinks, & play beach games

Open Bar

from 9pm-1am




What is the dress code?

The dress code is a casual night out. Unless we have a themed event. Themed events have strictly enforced dress codes that must comply with the theme.

How do I buy event tickets?

We offer event tickets online at www.papasandbeer.com/rosarito/. You can also purchase tickets at the door or with our salesman. Our salesman can be identified by wearing a t-shirt that says, “Papas&Beer Wristbands”.

What forms of identification do you accept?

We accept valid driver’s license, state-issued identification, passport, or military id.

How old do you have to be to enter?

You must be 18 years of age or older with identification, absolutely no exceptions.

Is it safe to park my car at Papas&Beer?

Yes, safe parking is available at both our parking lots, which are conveniently located across the street from the club.

How far is the drive to Papas&Beer from the U.S/ Mexico border?

We are located 15 miles south of the border and approximately a 20 – 30 minute drive.

If an event is considered sold out, what does that mean?

If an event is sold out, that simply means presale is sold out (which is all online orders). But, limited tickets will be offered at the door the night of the event.

Are refunds available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Name transfers are possible as long as it is done five days prior to the event.

Are tickets transferable?

You are allowed to transfer the name on a ticket as long as it is five days or more prior to the event. To transfer a ticket, click here.

Where do I pick up my party package?

You will pick your party package up from our will call station connected to our retail store. This is located across the street from our club. Don’t forget your photo ID.


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