The Answers You Need.

How far is the drive to Papas&Beer from the U.S/ Mexico border?
We are located 15 miles south of the border and approximately a 20 – 30 minute drive.

Is it safe to park my car at Papas&Beer?
Yes, safe parking is available at both our parking lots, which are conveniently located across the street from the club.

Can I visit Papas&Beer with children?
Yes, children may enter with their parents or guardians until 7:00pm.

Is it safe to visit Rosarito?
Yes, Rosarito is safer than ever before and no less safe than any city in the U.S. The Tourist Police Force, a bilingual group of officers has been put in place to protect and help visitors. Not a single tourist has been affected by serious crime in the last year. Publicized violence is not directed against common citizens or visitors.

How old do you have to be to enter?
You must be 18 years of age or older with identification, absolutely no exceptions.

What forms of identification do you accept?
We accept valid driver’s license, state issued identification, passport, or military id.

How do I buy event tickets?
We offer event tickets online at www.papasandbeer.com/rosarito/. You can also purchase tickets at the door or with our salesman. Our salesman can be identified by wearing a t-shirt that says, “Papas&Beer Wristbands”.

Is the club only open for major events or holidays?
No, Papas&Beer is the beach side club that truly never sleeps. We are continuously opened throughout the year. Although it will certainly be busier during events or holidays feel free to come buy any time of the year.

What is the dress code?
The dress code is casual night out. Unless we have a themed event. Themed events have strictly enforced dress codes that must comply with the theme.

Is there food at the club?
Yes we are in fact very well known for our delicious Mexican cuisine. To check out our menu click here.