The Venue

7 fully stocked bars, beach volleyball, mechanical bull, performers, the list goes on & on.

7 Bars

With 7 fully stocked bars, the best drink combinations and recipes in all of Baja, and the most fun, talented, and quick bartenders you’ll ever come across. Our drinks have been deemed the best drinks at any club by hundreds of Papas clients time and time again.

Pool Parties

March (Spring Break) to September (Labor Day)

A weekend at Papas & Beer Rosarito is nothing without enjoying one of our notorious pool parties. With everything from twerk offs and wet t-shirt contests to bottle service and top-nothc DJ’s, the pool parties are a can’t miss event. Our motto for dealing with a hangover is to rally on, so thats exactly what we provide with our famous pool party turn up.


If you need a break from all the partying and want to just relax or enjoy a swim, our club is conveniently located infront of the famous Rosarito Beach. You can enjoy a cold one while soaking up the sun, take a nap, go for a swim, or even ride a beautful horse along the water. With Papas & Beers endless fun and the beautiful beach just a few steps away, taking a trip to P&B Rosarito is truly the perfect break from reality.

The Infamous Staff

Known to show everybody a good time, the Papas & Beer staff is one of a kind. All Papas & Beer employees are trained to provide people with a fun and unforgettable experience. Whether that means giving out free drinks or directing body shots, they definitely know how to show all of our guest an incredible time.

Daytime Fun

With a beach side pool tended to by a bar and a cantina, you can certainly have a dream day. But relaxation isn’t all we offer. With our beach volleyball court generating endless fun tournaments and competition, people can have an incredibly fun time at Papas, whether day or night. Not to mention, our mechanical bull will have you testing your strength or laughing till you cry while watching your friends struggle to hold on.

The Cantina

The beach side restaurant allows you to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, serving breakfast from 10am – 1pm. Once the afternoon hits it makes it the perfect place to have a good dinner (tacos, Puerto Nuevo style lobster, ceviche, fajitas, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, chips & salsa and guacamole) and start the pregame.